General Information:
  • IP:
  • PORT: 7171
  • Client: Custom Client, download link:
  • Uptime: 24/7
  • Hosted IN: USA
  • Website:
  • Exp Rate: STAGES
  • Map: Custom (PAdventures Remake)
  • Loot: x1
  • Server Type: PVP ENFORCED

The server:
History Quote:

"So long ago, the Pokémon battles have reached a big limit, there are stories of those old trainers, of a world where the trainers, companies and the pokemones lived in peace, but everything changed since those old clans wanted more power, recluting more and more members, searching the absolute power of our Pokémon World... Some organizations were trying to restore the peace joined together in a single big security organization, called the Pokemon World Security Organization (Called by others as the PWSO)...

Currently all of the world become just a battlefield, we live in a constabt war, where you can't just go outside of the secure areas because maybe you'll be on danger or more... Just Johto are safe for some trainers, because there have been saved by the PSWO...Those evil companies only want to get all of the Legendary Pokemons in order to gain strength to do a final hit aganist his enemys... Some Pokemons are more savages than the past, surviving to the war..."
Currently there are 5 organizations ruling on each continent, you can choose any of these organizations, they come with different quests, missions, respawn areas and a custom history based on the history line:

* Rocket - Kanto
* Aqua / Magma - Hoenn
* Galaxy - Sinnoh
* Plasma - Unova

And the "Good Side":
* PSWO - Johto.

There are only two organizations available:

Pokémon Police (PWSO):

Which one are you going to join?....

Our systems:
We have a lot of new systems to this branch of the OpenTibia, as some notable systems we have:

Rank Points System (PERSONAL)
We have a special rank system, used to have a thousands of new ranks at this server, called as the military ranks... What ranks we have?:
  • Classic Recruit
  • Recruit
  • Recruit Chief
  • Basic Sergeant
  • Sergeant
  • Sergeant Major
  • Basic Lieutenant
  • Lieutenant
  • Lieutenant Major
  • Basic Captain
  • Captain
  • Captain Major
  • Basic Major
  • Major
  • Boss Major
  • Basic Colonel
  • Colonel
  • Colonel Major
  • Basic General
  • General (Highest RANK)

If you got a rank, you will have some benefits, like:
  • More Catch Rate

And a title on your name, showing your rank (IS JUST A TAG SYSTEM):

How you will win rank points?
- Just leveling, doing tasks for your team and much more....

Global Rank System:
- As a PVP Game World, we've a special point system, based on the strongest companies, they will have some special things... That will be used and achieved in the special PvP battles which will come in the future (Defeating your enemies)... With that, from 1st to 7th of each month, they will have "special things", like Extra Exp, Extra Catch Rate, More Power, ETC. And you will see it at our website:

How the team will win points? Just gain some points yourself and do tasks.

Boost system:
There are a lot of boosts system around the Pokemon ATS, but we have a new custom system at our server, and how it works? Keep reading!:

- You will need some boosts items:

With the items you will need to upgrade your Pokémon based on percents (1% to 10%), and the needed amount works based on the desired percent of what you want to reach (2 bottles of any boost to get 2% at the Skill), the limit of the skill boost are 10%.

How it looks ingame?:

And it works with our special bonus system of the pokemon, its a good way to power UP the pokemon, but how you can find it? At the diamond shop, as we know what this special item works as a power-up to all pokemon, its going to cost 1 Diamond in-game per bottle of any skill of which you want to upgrade.

Perfect Balance:
- The current problem of all pokémon ATS is the non-balanced attacks, pokemon, and systems... We are going to follow and fix everything, and all necessary things to get that GBA perfect balance, you will feel like your playing on your GBA or DS, but online, and with more features... That means:

* If you catch a Bulbasaur at LVL 15, and you evolve it at level 16, it will remain the same stats as a Savage Ivysaur 16, this is the end of those Unbalanced ATS with OverPowered Pokémon!!!

Yeah, so, why i should go level up a pokemon from a low level?
- We know that our perfect balance system can't go as is, so, your pokemon will be gaining some special bonuses when you are leveling it:

There is a small change in the offense, you will be gaining a special percent per level, based on the special bonus system of GBA, (1% of ATK, DEF, SP.ATK, ETC)...

- We have a HM system based on GBA, where you just teach the CD to the Pokémon and it keeps learned forever:
We currently have:
  • HM 1 - CUT
  • HM 2 - FLY
  • HM 3 - RIDE
  • HM 4 - SURF
  • HM 5 - DIG
  • HM 6 - FLASH
  • HM 10 - DIVE
  • HM 11 - STRENGHT
  • HM 12 - FIND HOLE
  • HM 13 - DEFOG
  • HM 14 - MINING
  • HM 16 - ROCK CLIMB

And, just the older premium older habilities will be sold at our premium shop (ride, fly, surf, teleport). As long the pokemon have learned that HM you will not need any another charge like premium, you can be free acc.

Clan Power:
The organizations will have more power on the elements what they own:
  • Rocket (Normal and Fighting Type).
  • Magma (Fuego and Dragon Type).
  • Aqua (Water and Ice Type)
  • Galaxy (Psychic and Dark Type)
  • Plasma (Poison and Ghost Type)
  • Pokemon Security Squad (Rock and Ground Type)

The other elements may be free to use by any other organization, but that does not mean that you, as a player, will have to use it or want anything else, just mean your percentages of power that belong to an organization, besides that each parent... The first element of any organization above will be more powerful than the second element.

Stats Systems (SKILLS):
Your character will have it's own unique stats, never seen in any current pokémon fan based game:

* Intelligence: It will be necessary to have a variety of Pokemon attacks, unlock pokemon skills, pokemon of varying regions, player skills, and more!
* Leadership: "Every pokemon needs to feel safe...", With this skill, the pokemon will know how to cast it's attacks correctly, and you can inflict more damage, gain more Pokémon stats, and more!
* Dexterity: With this skill,you can perform various tasks while you advance through the game, it helps you gain better rewards from natural abilities such as; woodcutting, mining, etc.
* Luck: A skill which is used in your career as a Pokemon Trainer! various things in the Pokemon World will be based off of pure luck, the quests you will find, will require luck for major rewards or several items, Catch rate also lies with-in luck, among several things.
* Vitality: Your player life... while you've more health, you will have more chances to survive, in a high-end pokemon battle!
* Pokemon Friendship: The most important skill of the Pokémon side... With this skill, you will be granted the abilities to evolve pokemon throughout the world!
* Cooking: In the pokémon environment, you will need to know how to feed your friends and pokemon, with this skill, you will know how to make some special food, with special attributes, and more!
* Extra Skills: We got tons more hidden skills for you guys to figure out in the pokemon world of PBR!

And how will one upgrade these skills?
We are going to use the known "Attribute System", used on some popular and good servers such as; Kingdom Age, games As SAO, and other projects, you will be gaining points depending on your level, and you can use it depending on your abilities (TABLE BASED ON KINGDOM AGE):

By level of player, you will win:

- From 1 to 49, you gain 4 attribute point.
- From 50 to 100, you gain 3 point attribute.
- From 100 to 150, you gain 2 attribute points.
- From 150 to infinity, yoy gain 1 point per level attribute.

(Credits to Kingdom Age, they have a good attribute system, and we're just copying their method as it works really well!)

Cassino System:
Tired of those cassinos of the dash distro? No more!, we have a unique cassino system!

Here you will have a lot types of games, like the PVP Jackpot, survival mode or just the old machine game, we work as GBA, with the CCoins System at the game...

¿How the PVP Jackpot Works?
- At the 30th of each month, we've a special battle between users, where you just need to win with your team (As long you are Rocket or Police).

¿How the Survival Mode Works?
- Each 15, you will send into the battlefield as in the Jackpot, but, this is just survive or die, there aren't chance to hide.

¿How works the old machine system?

- You just need to buy the CCoins at the NPC Shino and start to play, it cost just 15 CCoins and the highest prize are 1000 CCoins.


- Just like GBA, you need to get the required CCoins to get a Pokémon.

Join into our official discusion thread:

Greetings ;)[/COLOR]