Custom Servers

A section dedicated to servers that have evolved from OTS into larger and independent projects. The list is arranged alphabetically and the descriptions were prepared by project representatives. The list includes: Medivia Online, Ranger's Arcani, Return of the Saiyans.


Medivia Online is a game which gives a possibility to the player to take a journey into the wonderful lands of our mysterious fantasy world, full of magic and beauty. The player is allowed to choose one of four vocations during the journey on Medivia Online, unique classes which require different playing skills. The beauty of Medivia Online lays within in it's interactive community, the old-school pixel-art and the challenging game-play.

Available servers:

  • france_logo Prophecy (PvP)
  • france_logo Legacy (PvP)
  • usa_logo Destiny (PvP)
  • usa_logo Unity (PvP)
  • usa_logo Pendulum (PvP)
  • france_logo Purity (PvP)


The gameplay on Ranger's Arcani significantly differs from the standard gameplay that you know from other servers. A brand new take on the spell and skill system completely changes the way you play. An extensive map, quests, hundreds of new NPCs, monsters and challenging bosses make you want to keep coming back to the world of RA. Every day you discover new secrets, acquire or create unique equipment that will be used for exploration and duels with the strongest opponents.

Available servers:

  • fr_logo 1st nPvP
  • ca_logo 2nd nPvP
  • ca_logo 1st PvP (coming soon)


Return of the Saiyans to niezwykle ambitny serwer RPG inspirowany światem Dragon Ball. W grze znajdziecie mnóstwo nowych systemów i innowacji takich jak latanie czy trenowanie na siłowni. Własne grafiki, system transformacji, izometryczny świat, a przede wszystkim regularne i częste aktualizacje są dowodem na to, że Return of the Saiyans wyraża marzenie twórców o stworzeniu najlepszego serwera do tej pory, o czym możecie się sami przekonać klikając poniżej:

Available servers:

  • ca_logo Główny serwer