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  1. Kuzyn

    Rules for advertising servers

    Same reminder after the year, please remember to post advertisements only in English if you want to have it accepted in that sub forum :) Topics in Polish can be posted here:
  2. Kuzyn

    Serwer inspirowany grą Gothic 2

    Taka ciekawostka, dzisiaj o 16:00 startuje Gothania inspirowana Gothic 2:
  3. Kuzyn

    Tease a piece - mapping showoff!

    Wooden wall under construction for nearby village ;)
  4. Kuzyn

    TalkAction Tell the password to be teleported

    This script is from 2008, it may not work as intended now. However, I wanted to bring back some basic scripts that can be used as a learning examples. Status: Not tested / created for 8.1 (reply to this topic if you have tested it!) Description: If player stands in a certain tile, he can...
  5. Kuzyn

    map editor po tibie 8.6
  6. Kuzyn

    AI tools in programming, cool addition even for Open Tibia?

    Hey, today friend showed me a cool tool, ChatGPT from OpenAI. It helps to understand mathematics, coding etc., even scripting in Open Tibia as on an example below. Do you think that this would be a helpful tool for OT community?
  7. Kuzyn

    Pomoc Skrypt LUA

    Zawsze możesz dać znać tutaj co było nie tak, to ktoś inny sobie zobaczy :)
  8. Kuzyn

    Wheel of Destiny

    Are you curious to find out how the Wheel of Destiny has shaped up since the sneak peek we gave you in July? Let us dive right into it! The design process and development of the Wheel of Destiny has been driven by our goal to give players an opportunity to further specialise their characters...
  9. Kuzyn

    Tibia Sound Update!

    Cipsoft just informed that Tibia will get sound update next Tuesday, 27/09/2022! Together with update we will receive a special featured article describing all challenges that Cipsoft developers faced for past year when working on a sound update. But that's not all, on 26/09/2022 20:00 CET ther...
  10. Kuzyn

    Uczenie maszynowe, sieć neuronowa, generator map.

    Pomysł brzmi ciekawie, ale nie mam zielonego pojęcia jaki byłby efekt i ile pracy manualnej trzeba później włożyć w poprawianie takiej mapy. Z ciekawością zobaczyłbym coś takiego do generowania jakichś fajnych i urozmaiconych lasów oraz gór, niekoniecznie miast, domków itp.
  11. Kuzyn

    Refresh of Thais city [10.98]

    Little revamp of paladin guild hall:
  12. Kuzyn

    Refresh of Thais city [10.98]

    I've started working on a Thais revamp. It is based on 8.6 as far as I know and I currently work in 10.98. I'm not sure where it will go and how long it will take but definitely map will be playable and available to download after I finish it. What's the point of this? I just wanted to make a...
  13. Kuzyn

    Other Outfit and Item Image Generator

    Outfit and Item Image Generator by Outfits: Items: Github:
  14. Kuzyn

    Interview with Unknown Soldier on OTSERVERLIST

    Hello! posted some time ago an interview with Unknown Soldier, geodesist that is most famous in Open Tibia community for his amazing mapping skills. If you want to read it, click on a link here or on a banner!
  15. Kuzyn

    Summer Update 2022

    Cipsoft has released the next big update for Tibia - Summer Update 2022 also known as 12.90.12182. You can find more information about it here:
  16. Kuzyn

    Interview with Shiva Shadowsong on OTSERVERLIST

    Hello! recently posted an interview with Shiva Shadowsong, very talented digital artist and software engineer known mostly for his project - Necronia World. If you want to read it, click on a link here or on a banner! Kuzyn
  17. Kuzyn

    Problem z rme

    Próbowałeś importować mapę do RME, a nie po prostu ją otwierać? W google znalazłem jeszcze coś takiego:
  18. Kuzyn

    Server lists

    Active server lists: Inactive server lists from the past:
  19. Kuzyn

    New game by Cipsoft - MMO survival shooter

    Hey, Did you know that two Cipsoft members created new game in their free time? It's a mmo-like survival shooter with zombies and it is in pre-alpha.
  20. Kuzyn

    Can't create posts in "o forum" category, and users don't have footer/signature

    Hey, thanks for report. About 2: