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  1. Kuzyn

    Cwiras' Showoff

    Everything is cool but library the best <3
  2. Kuzyn

    Spawn [10.98 ] Simple Castle

    I've got some simple castle for you. There is no surroundings to make it easier to paste on your map. Download: Tibia protocol: 10.98
  3. Kuzyn

    Other [10.98] Deposit from tutorial

    Hey, I've decided to finish and upload a deposit that I've made for tutorial here. It has 3 usable floors, no underground floors. It has protection zone but remember to setup deposits for your city! Download: Tibia...
  4. Kuzyn

    AAC Castro AAC

    Content management system for Open Tibia Servers made by Alvaro Carvajal (Raggaer), offering an AAC as single executable (doesn't need web server e.g. Apache/NGINX). It is written in Go and uses Lua for scripting, supports popular payment methods like PayPal or Fortumo. Github...
  5. Kuzyn

    Monster Mararoko Monsters

    Silver coins for electro elementals? They're weaker than dragons.
  6. Kuzyn

    Cześć, widziałem, że chcesz wstawić na angielską część forum swój serwer. Prośba ode mnie żebyś...

    Cześć, widziałem, że chcesz wstawić na angielską część forum swój serwer. Prośba ode mnie żebyś opisał to po angielsku i dał trochę więcej informacji/zdjęć :)
  7. Kuzyn

    Gameplay Bestiary milestones

  8. Kuzyn

    Gameplay Bestiary milestones

    If you have more examples of those milestones, then please write them here :)
  9. Kuzyn

    Gameplay Bestiary milestones

    Hello. We don't want to make more bonuses to xp/loot, we've got a lot of events for that. Anyway, after completing monster in a Bestiary you're receiving Charms points which can be spend here:
  10. Kuzyn

    ALL Changelog

    03/04/2021@ #News - "Mastermind" spell damage formula has been changed from 0.3 + (spell level * 0.1) to 0.85 + (spell level * 0.05). That means final damage at 10 spell level will be the same as before, low level players will deal more damage - "Mastermind" spell cooldown has been reduced from...
  11. Kuzyn

    Accepted Larger Depot Chest

    If I understand correctly, you want to make it bigger?
  12. Kuzyn

    Balance Equipment Blanace

    We need concrete suggestions and examples to consider.
  13. Kuzyn

    Accepted Turn off walking with numpad

    Hey that's a nice idea. I will talk with Oskar if it is possible.
  14. Kuzyn

    Balance Allow hunter to create sniper arrow / piercing bolt

    The point here is to buy them, as you said (or loot). Chaeck is a newbie island, hunters seems to be one of the easiest vocation to go through it. Also if we add them on Chaeck, then players will be able to make them on Main too. I don't think it is needed.
  15. Kuzyn

    Merging of game worlds - 28th April 2021

    Cipsoft is planning to merge below worlds: New world Old worlds Visabra Assombra, Macabra Mercera Cosera, Olera Juva Belluma, Faluna, Vita Unisera Jonera, Torpera, Noctera, Nexa Furia, Tortura Fervora Duna, Pyra Fera Helera, Funera FAQ...
  16. Kuzyn

    PVP-NA ⭐[Canada][CUSTOM] Ranger's Arcani PVP LAUNCH - 25TH MARCH 2021⭐

    We're launching today! 17:00 GMT
  17. Kuzyn

    PVP-NA ⭐[Canada][CUSTOM] Ranger's Arcani PVP LAUNCH - 25TH MARCH 2021⭐

    Discord: click to join Facebook: our FP page WWW: Youtube: gameplays, tutorials - RA YT Twitch: streams from time to time LAUNCH: THURSDAY 25th of MARCH 12:00 EST (New York) / 17:00 GMT (London) / 18:00 CET (Warsaw) In this topic we would like to cover only...
  18. Kuzyn

    ALL Changelog

    19/03/2021@ #News - From now Red Jewellery Box will not give you a chance to reroll rune to Unique quality anymore - From now all familiars will not block anywhere and they will teleport to you immediately when they don't find a path to you - Phoenix volcano has been reworked, huge new fire...
  19. Kuzyn

    Gameplay Stat Milestones

    Actually that's a nice idea, but the question is what bonuses and should they be the same for every vocation or different?
  20. Kuzyn

    Quest Dragons flu , chaeck province

    Quest should be fixed now and you don't need new bottles.