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#1 Community Challenge! Mapping & Spriting Community Discord


Hello users!

Some of you may have seen topic about OTM&S Discord, but please red it to the end! I would like to invite you personally to join this community. If you're a mapper or a spriter/graphic artist you should give it a try and join! Also if you are interested in reading dev notes from popular OT servers, there are special channels for awesome projects. Owners of this Discord server are hosting small event - invite link with the most new users will get one tiny reward out of three possible (discord nitro, 10$ paypal or 250tc in real tibia).

So, I've got a #1 Community Challenge for you! All you need to do is to join with our Tibia.net.pl invitational link and post your Discord name in this topic! If our forum will win this event, I will pass the reward to one random user.

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