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RL MAP [8.0] Ishira.online - Adventure Start [7 January 2022]


Hello, everybody. Today I would like to present you server based on game protocol 8.0 with some features like war mode emblems, 7.4 outfits, some monsters and items from newer Tibia version. This is fresh project, consists of 2 people who love old Tibia.

Full Real Map as it was in this time, there is no Yalahar, Zao etc. We added some custom (few are restricted by level doors like Banuta Undergrounds).

Today started test server for interested players who want to test and help us to improve our server. After analyse every feedback we will decide on a official starting date. We also want to listen our players in every aspect and be active as support.

We know that even own client will not stop 100% players from using bot. So in this aspect we will need a little help from you. To report players or bugs we added "!report Text". Every report is saved in database and can be easy accessible via website by admin.



Autoloot (we decided to set max 3 items right now)

War System with emblems

Balanced Vocations (We are open for feedback)

Free Premium (No Vip System)

Free Travels

Only Dice, Pocket Knifes, Outfits & Addon items in SHOP

No Exp Boosts / Preys / Mounts / Auras

Working Quests



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Nov 24, 2021
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Hello again! After more than month of test server and analysed feedback we think its time to official start at 7 January 2022 on 18:00 CET.
Things like Exp/Skill/Magic rate or other proposals of change are based on your actually feedback and we are still up for small adjustments.
Many things were added and reworked like Shared Experience. If you are insterested check it out now on