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Maps Cities with RPG touch: Part II


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May 3, 2008
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Little introduction
Hey! After more than 3 years I found some energy to finally make that second part of the tutorial. If you want to read the beginning, what I mean by the RPG touch and some basic thoughts, please visit previous topic https://tibia.net.pl/threads/cities-with-rpg-touch-part-i.3292088/#post-3292395
Some of the buildings may look familiar for you, because you could see them already posted by me before.

Part two: extra buildings
Important note, following examples are not part of the same map/design. They're just suggestions not connected to each other :)


I think that this kind of building is not used a lot because we have deposits in Tibia to meet each other, but in my opinion it can still offer a lot for your city. In such places you can find many different personalities, everyone needs to eat and drink, not only local people but also travellers. So that's one of the best places to put some NPCs that can offer you some quests!
Also, you could also sell here some drinks and better food than on simple food stands around markets.

Remember that tavern should be placed near the main roads, not only in cities, towns or villages are also okay, even on empty field between two different settlements near the main route is a good spot, so people could take a break while travelling. For me, the most important part is to include a place for preparing meals and of course tables with chairs for guests to consume it. For sure it's good idea to add some carts and few tables outside. If your tavern is big enough, you can also include some sleeping rooms at top floors, which was also a thing for real taverns.

Tavern.gif Tavern2.gif
Tavern (1).gif

This building is really specific, but of course it would be a great addition to your city if you want to make it more RPGish. But you need to ask yourself if you want to have any books and notes with stories or descriptions on your server? If not, I don't think it's worth to make an empty library. But if you plan to have some texts, then you should add library to the biggest cities. They could offer descriptions of past events of your server world lore, you can suggest in some stories that they may be some treasures in specific places or describe some monsters and their weaknesses, so players who are eager to learn more will get some advantage in fights. You can also go a little straightforward and add some scrolls/books which active a new quest once they're opened.

Do not forget about adding some NPCs, main one - librarian, that could answer some player's questions or ask player for a favor and you can also add random guests studying the books. Those guests could be linked to some quests or offer some information regarding hidden chests or places. Lot of possibilites to suggest a player new exploration destinies.


Furniture shop
Nowadays when you can buy a lot of "premium furniture" as comestics, it may sound outdated, but it's all about how you plan it. Such furniture shop could also offer premimu furniture for better immersion, instead of buying it in separate GUI window for premium items. Anyway, I would suggest adding one. Every house owner would have some fun buying furniture and transporting it to the house, instead of just teleporting it to character or deposit.
Remember that furniture workshop should have some tools and wood pieces visible. It would be nice to also showcase some available furniture (just remember to lock it in one place, so no one would be able to steal it ;)).


You can also add an artist workshop, so you could separate paintings from typical furniture guy and add it to the artist offer.

That building maybe is not so obvious, but since we have a mechanic for making flour, it's also worth to add it. In general mills in the past were often outside the cities, most of them were watermills located at rivers, so its kinda unrelated to the tutorial but what stops you from adding them inside the city or just outside the gates? Also making flour out of wheat is not the only purpose of watermill. You can also think about making some sawmills that could be used for cutting wood into planks or other kind of mills focused on processing plants into fibers.

1709548216917.png 1709548364601.png


No idea how to call that category, but I would like to mention few last things that you could add to your map/city top make it feel more RPG.

Theater, back in the days people used that a lot to play during breaks from hunting. Also you could use such building for events.


Playing rooms, to be honest I haven't seen them on any map, despire those based on real maps. If you are faimiliar with lua scripting, you could also add some levers to reset the state of the game or to prevent people from stealing the tokens.

Monuments, small nice addition that can also tell a story about some event from the lore.
1709550046314.png 1709550107286.png

That's all for now. I don't want to make promises, but I may add another (last) part of that series, regarding houses in general.


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