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CUSTOM Lubuski OTS [05.08]

Lubuski OTS is coming online 05.08.2022 on 20.00 Polish time!

Exp x 500

You have to use our client, you won't be able to play without it.

Site :

A lot of new monsters quests items etc!

Systems :

-Upgrade System

-Upgrade Attack Speed

-Upgrade Dodge Chance

-Daily Reward

-Automatic Task System

-Boosted Monsters

-Weed growing system

-New monsters

-New items

-VIP System (+VIP Island, +8 Outfits, +25% Exp)

-New outfits (Darth Vader, Golden, Dragon Hunter)

-Firestorm Event

-Bomberman Event

-Wave Event

-Lottery Event


-Bosses around the map

-Ingame Store

-Wings & Aura System

-Autoloot System

-New attributes

Lubuski OTS [05.08]-3eo32om.png

Lubuski OTS [05.08]-pr73uxy.png

Lubuski OTS [05.08]-oz7lavk.png

Lubuski OTS [05.08]-rxhzrxi.png

See you guys ingame!