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RL MAP [Poland][12.85] Ferobra Global + Custom Already Started

Real Map Ferobra 12.85
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IP: ferobra.com.pl
Port: 7171
Dowland Custom Client
Starting Date: Already Started

What can you expect from ferobra.com.pl apart from having fun?

  • Final boss of Ancien Spawn of Morgathla
  • Stonerefiner's caves in Corym Mines (Venore)
  • Grimvale Quest (Foxtail Amulet obtaining)
  • Dream Labyrinth
  • (most worthful rewards prey wild cards 30/60 min 50% exp boosts just for daily logging, including resting bonuses 2x stamina regen and so on)

WarZones with tasks for low and high lvl's


Many quests available from 2021 and of course earlier

Klimaresh Quest


Grave Danger Quest (Tomb Assassin outfit

Netherworld, Brain Grounds, Zarganash, Barren Drift
Photo 6 7 8 9 10

Many Events in Client


Also 3x exp in the weeks


Character Auctions On Site Like Real Tibia

All quests
from real tibia but without boring and long pre-quests
Balanced PVP
Curious Frag system with black and orange skull
Prey System one of our latest features, you can right-click your (or use the hotkey Ctrl + Y) and choose "prey system" from a context menu.

  • Report bugs using CTRL + Z (fixed daily)
  • Wrap Furniture System
Imbuing System

Latest outfits & mounts!
Rookgard for those who like to be a "rookstayer" you can choose between main grounds or rook
All raids from real tibia also rare bosses spawning around real map
Server stability in terms of D-dos protection, completely lag-free connection
Real like shared experience system depending on the vocations joined in a party (more VOCs in more exp you gain)

  • Cast system- Active support that will assist you in-game or on social sites (Facebook, etc.)
  • All AI bosses- Offline training, regular trainers with refilling stamina twice as fast, market in-game so you can sell your items more quickly and more effectively- All new places like Oramond, Roshamuul, Halls of Hope (10+ client updates) , Gaz'haragoth and Omrafir spawn introduced, Otherworld, Krailos.

Some Custom Spawns

Last man standing event
Team battle
Zombie event
Death Match event

Client 12.85

2022-03-10_222211585_Druid Sample_Hotkey.png

Exp Rate:1 - 8 - 30x Dawnport Tutorial
8 - 50 - 180x
51 - 80 - 130x
81 - 100 - 100x
101 - 120 - 80x
121 - 150 - 50x
151 - 180 - 30x
181 - 200 - 20x
201 - 250 - 15x
251 - 350 - 10x
351 - 500 - 5x
500 - ∞ - 3x
Skill Rate:25x
Magic Rate:4x
Loot Rate:5x
Kills to RedSkull:Daily: 5 | Weekly: 15 | Monthly: 30
Kills to BlackSkull:3
Kills to Orangeskull:7
Free bless to level:50