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CUSTOM [POLAND] www.sormania.online RPG SERVER [Custom Map] ALREADY STARTED!

World of Sormania is on from only 30.06.2022, 20:00 CEST!!


Exp stages:
1-8 Level - 6x
9-40 Level - 5x
41-70 Level - 4x
71-100 Level - 3x

101+ - 2x
5 new systems:
*Blacksmith (Forge legendary weapons, armors, shields etc.)

*Handyman (Craft items like training weapons, distance weapons, capes or hats)
*Lumberjack (Cut trees and make extra money)
*Minning (Work as miner, ear big money and trade with others, resources are need for forging)
*Fishing (Catch 60+ type of different fishes depending on location and your skill, all fishes are consumable and sellable)

*New monsters and items

*Interactive environment (crush rocks, cut trees, collect mushrooms, mangoes, etc.)

*8 sublasses. Every vocation can choose one of two sublasses after reaching level 70
*Big world wich will be still updated, 100+ quests, 60k+ monsters on map
*Some real tibia classic quests and many of custom quests, all described on this page
*Animated Spells
*No Pay-to-win shop
*Task system with special rewards
*Unique NPC's
Easy and instinctive game
*Tibia 7.4 combat system (no runes on hk, can't use runes vs players on battle list)

*Only basic potions in shop, better potions lootable from monsters and available

*Scroll of Homecoming. Buy it in tool shoop for 5k. Use when you are out of battle and scroll will teleport You to the closest depot.
*Tibia 7.4 spells (rune making without souls, old mana cost, old spell damage formula for exori, burst arrow, explosion rune, poison storm)
*Our own WIKI on page
*Classic 7.4 outfits (shop offer)

*Events like double exp or double loot