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May 3, 2008
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Text below is taken from Tibia.com, images from Tibia's fansites and Tibia.com.


Galthen sighed. He had hoped to have acquired more pertinent information by now about that which he sought. His quest for magical artefacts had brought him here, to Bounac, a yet fledgling settlement which had the markings of becoming at least a decent town at some point, should its development continue unhindered. For now, a lot of the buildings which were to stand here one day were but a figment of an architect's imagination. However, the town's pub was already standing, as nary a thing would get done without the help of some fresh brew to ease the reality of living on this rock. Galthen had held off on frequenting the place as from his experience, such an establishment would certainly provide one with information, though the veracity of claims made under the influence of ale was often quite dubious. Nevertheless, he was out of options by now.

A quiet atmosphere greeted him as he entered – not entirely unsurprising, considering that the sun stood high outside. However, a few patrons were already wetting their gullet at the bar.

"What can I get you, sir?"

The innkeeper kept polishing his glass as he addressed the seasoned knight.

"A bit of knowledge would gladden me the most, to be honest."

"Not sure you're in the right place for that. You won't even find a book in here."

"I've seen enough of those lately, trust me. Alas, most of the wisdom in the world has not been written down and remains inside the heads of beings like you and I."

"Ah, very well then, I might help with that after all. You'd have to purchase something first though – I've still got a business to run, you see."

Galthen reached into his pocket and put a few gold coins on the counter.

"Will that do?"

The innkeeper slightly raised an eyebrow.

"For that kind of money, I'll tell you my family secrets if you wish. Well, at least those on my father's side."

"That won't be necessary. Have you heard anything about a magical artefact located here?"

"Magical artefact? Can't say that I have, sorry."

As Galthen moved his hand towards the coins, he hastened to add to this answer.

"But I've heard other things, you see. There's a noble woman missing, who just up and left one day, leaving behind her husband and her newborn daughter. They say she behaved a bit odd before she left, a few days before it happened, but that might just be talk, now that she's gone. That's not all though. Kesar Etzel ordered his men to seal the entrance to the lower parts of the fortress. Nobody knows exactly why, but something must have terrified him, something which they found down there. They say there's a vast network of tunnels underneath Bounac, and who knows what stalks those dark places."

The knight paused for a moment and pondered what he had just heard.

"Where did that noblewoman live, and where is her husband now?"

"He still lives there. It's just down the road, the third house on the right."

"You have my thanks."

Galthen put another coin before the inkeeper and left the tavern. It did not seem that he was any closer to the artefact he was looking for, and instead had found new questions he certainly had not sought. Questions which needed answering...

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May 3, 2008
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It was a hot day in Issavi.
Only a few people strolled through the streets of Kilmaresh's capital, while most remained inside or sought shelter from the burning sun in the shade.

Heyred would have much preferred to join the vast majority of city folk who were escaping the bright beams shining down from above, but he was waiting for someone in the city square. His eyes fell upon one of the wanted posters plastered on a nearby wall.

... Those individuals are known cultists of Fafnar. They have to be consigned to the Sapphire Blade by all means!
"Hey! Hope the scorching sun hasn't melted your brain yet."

Heyred turned around, and Merwin's bright smile greeted his tired gaze.
"Yeah, maybe meeting up here wasn't the best idea after all."

"You picked the spot, remember?"

"I do. Who could have predicted it was going to be a hot day in Issavi.", he said drily.

"See it as a learning experience. Speaking of learning something, I've found out something interesting, too. Let's move inside where it's cooler, shall we?"

"Sounds good to me." Heyred glanced over the wanted poster one last time. "Isn't it weird how they still haven't found at least one of the four? They've been looking for them for months now, if not years."

"Focus. The knowledge I have acquired will change our fortunes, I am certain of it!" Merwin was brimming with excitement.

"Oh yeah? Like you were certain when you found that 'authentic' bonelord language dictionary or discovered 'true' boots of waterwalking?"

"Ah, don't be like that. This is the real deal!"

Heyred sighed. "Alright, I'll bite. What did you hear?"

"So, beneath the sands of Kilmaresh lie the ruins of Nuur, a city which sank ages ago below the dunes. Untouched since it went under. And I know how we can get there. Imagine what riches wait to be found inside by us!"

"What's the catch?"

"Well, it appears that we are not the first adventurers trying to explore that place, and none returned. So, it might just be a bit dangerous."

"Shocking. And I thought you said the city was untouched – how do those adventurers factor into that assessment?"

"Fine, as good as untouched, since nobody made it out alive. Meaning whatever treasure was buried is still there. So, what do you say?"

"Alright, I'm in." He did not exactly have a lot of other prospects lined up right now.

"Terrific. Oh, and there's also this seeress which needs help, we should check that out as well. Might be worthwhile."

"One step at a time.", replied Heyred as they set foot into the magic shop. They needed to be well prepared for whatever awaited them under the wastes of Kilmaresh.
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May 3, 2008
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In order to distinguish equipment beyond the current possibilities, a number of new item modifiers are going to be introduced, which will already be added to the equipment introduced in the upcoming update. As with already existing modifiers, the effect only manifests when the respective item is equipped.

Specialised Magic Levels

Instead of raising the magic level flatout by a certain number, this modifier raises the magic level only for a certain group of spells and runes. These are: Fire, Earth, Energy, Ice, Holy, Death, Healing. All spells and runes have been assigned to the appropriate category. If none is applicable, they are part of the "various" category which cannot benefit from specialised magic level.


If a weapon has this modifier, regular attacks damage up to two creatures (secondary targets) for a certain percentage of the attack hitting the main target, if they are standing next to the main target and the player. Assuming the player is fully surrounded by creatures and an attack hits the main target, these are the secondary targets affected by Cleave:

Secondary targetMain targetSecondary target
Main targetSecondary targetUnaffected
Secondary targetPlayerUnaffected

Different types of damage will be dealt as a percentage as well. The damage the main monster receives before any reduction will be dealt as a percentage to the other creatures, where the damage might be reduced according to their defense (sensitivity, armor, etc.).

Magic Shield Capacity

Each item with this modifier increases the size of the Magic Shield both by a certain percentage as well as a fixed amount. This applies both to the Magic Shield spell as well as the Magic Shield potion.

Range Bonus

The damage of attacks in a certain range, defined by the modifier, will be increased by a certain number. This damage bonus augments only ranged attacks and not spells, runes, or charms, and will be added to the damage at the end. Hence, it does not benefit from character level, distance fighting, etc.

Damage Reflection

While wearing an item which has this modifier, enemies which deal melee damage to you will take a certain amount of damage for each attack. The reflected damage cannot be greater than 1% of the maximum hit points of the attacker.

For more information on these modifiers, please see the corresponding .

We hope you like these new modifiers,
Your Community Managers

TL;DR version:

TL;DR Teaser in a Nutshell (Spoilers ahead!)
  • Specialised Magic Levels
    • This modifier will be assigned to the same items as the normal magic level modifier.
    • An example for an item with this type of modifier would be a wand with "magic level +2" and additionally "fire magic level +2". All spells dealing fire damage would thus benefit from a +4 increase in magic level, while all other spells would benefit from a +2 increase in magic level.
  • Cleave
    • Charms and leeches will not be triggered on secondary targets.
    • Secondary targets with damage reflection also reflect the Cleave damage back to the player.
    • This modifier will be assigned to one-handed and two-handed weapons.
    • An example for an item with this type of modifier would be an axe with "Atk:10 physical + 50 fire" and "10% Cleave". The main target would receive 10 physical damage and 50 fire damage before reduction, which would lead to the secondary targets receiving 1 physical damage and 5 fire damage. It is then that the creature's defense might further reduce the actual damage they suffer.
  • Magic Shield Capacity
    • This modifier will be assigned primarily to spellbooks, but also helmets, armors, legs, and boots.
    • An example for an item with this type of modifier would be a spellbook with "+50 Magic Shield Capacity" and "+5% Magic Shield Capacity". If a player would have 500 Magic Shield before equipping the spellbook, they would have a Magic Shield of 575 after donning it (500 * 1,05 + 50). If they were to equip another item with Magic Shield Capacity (for this example, one that provides "+20 Magic Shield Capacity" and "+2% Magic Shield Capacity"), their Magic Shield would then be 605 (500 * 1,07 + 70) – assuming they recast the spell each time after equipping each item.
  • Range Bonus
    • This modifier will be assigned primarily to distance weapons, but also wands, and rods.
    • An example for an item with this type of modifier would be a bow with "+25 bonus at range 5" and "Range:6". A player wielding this bow and attacking a target at range 4 or 6, dealing 240 damage, would deal 265 damage to a target at range 5. If AoE arrows are used, only the primary target will be dealt the additional damage.
  • Damage Reflection
    • Certain monsters might be immune against this damage reflection.
    • If more than one piece of equipment with damage reflection is worn, the 1% hit point limitation will be applied collectively to all reflected damage, meaning that the creature can still only suffer from 1% reflected damage in total.
    • Charms and leeches will not be triggered through damage reflection.
    • This effect also works in PvP.
    • Reflected damage will not be reflected again.
    • This modifier will be assigned to shields.
    • An example for an item with this type of modifier would be a shield with "20 damage reflection". A player wielding this shield, when attacked by a creature with 200 hit points, reflects 2 damage (200*0.01 = 2) back to the attacker. For a monster with 1500 hit points, the reflection would be 15 damage, and for a monster with 15000 hit points, the reflection would be 20 damage, the maximum the shield grants.
  • The golden weapons are merely a graphical variant of their respective counterparts and thus do not have different stats than them.


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May 3, 2008
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Are your action bars bursting at the seams? You have already thought of a way to set up a potential third one? Then we have good news for you, as you will not only be able to add a third action bar to your configuration on the bottom of the game window, but up to nine action bars in total, with three action bars each placed on the left and right side in
addition to the bottom three ones.

Each action bar can be individually activated and deactivated in the options menu.

Mount and Outfit Presets

In order to improve the usability when selecting outfits, mounts, and familiars, the Customise Character dialog has received an overhaul. Not only can these now be selected from a handy scrollable list, instead of having to click through the entire selection, but it is also possible to directly search for them via a text box.

Selected configurations can now also be saved as a preset: Once you have chosen your desired look, press the "New" button in the presets menu. This will create a new preset which preserves the chosen outfit, its addons, the outfit's colour, the mount, the mount's colour, the familiar, and, in the case of the podium of renown, the gender. Furthermore, either the entire current configuration or only the currently chosen colours can be copied to clipboard and thus given to fellow players as well, which can then paste them from their clipboard. These new options also allow for more flexibility than the current "Copy to Outfit"/"Copy to Mount" button and therefore will replace it.


Hunting Task Expansion

Creatures with the "challenging" difficulty, which were introduced in the last summer update, will be added to the hunting tasks as part of the "hard" tasks category. Moreover, a number of new deco items will be available as reward in exchange for hunting task points.

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