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SELL TFS 1.5 (8.6) server with custom map and scripts + WWW


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Sep 15, 2015
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Hello. I am selling a project on which a lot of work and money has been put. everything was made to order and none of the things in the server package are available anywhere else, be it a map, website or scripts.

What's included in the package:
-Ready server files compiled to run on Linux
- Completely new map built from 0
-Dedicated layout with PSD files for the Logo for editing
- Scripts written to order by one author (none of the scripts are ready-made from the Internet)

A bit about scripts:
- !bless up to lvl 200 for free (of course you can edit)
- VIP medal for 30 days that gives the holder 10% more exp and automatically collects money from monsters that load on our bank account
- Addon doll giving a random outfit after use
- Exp potion increasing our exp x2 for an hour with a limit of daily uses to two.
- Staminer that restores our stamina to full after use. Also, the daily use limit is two.
- Exercise training known from newer versions of Tibia (this is an innovative solution not found anywhere else)
- Quest system written completely from scratch, which gives us the ability to complete quests and add 24-hour quests (players can complete a given quest every 24 hours and get a reward)
- Task system with three levels of difficulty for a given monster (we can set it so that after completing one task on a given monster it is possible to take another one with more creatures to kill and other rewards)
- On-page payment script powered by Stripe so you don't need multiple payment types. Supports payments blik, card, Google pay, Apple Pay, transfers24 etc. (not available anywhere else)
- A lottery system that draws a player available on the server every 4 hours and receives a random item. In addition, you can set the main prize, for which the percentage of chance is the smallest and it can be drawn.
- Monster stats on the page, which shows how many players have defeated each monster and how much the monster has defeated players.
- Level rewards received for reaching the appropriate level, which can be freely edited, as well as the levels for which they are to be awarded.
- Addon system that grants the player a given outfit addon based on the fountain objects located on the map. Fountains can be edited freely and in a very simple way
- Added command for GM through which you can give each online player a given item (nice way to reward players)
- Double weekend exp for players that starts automatically at 6pm every Friday and automatically ends every Sunday at 6pm.
- SMS points as an in-game item so that players can trade it and buy items for it.
- Own client
- Android client version
- Faction system (each player has four factions to choose from, from which he can choose one, after completing the mission for it, he receives a permanent bonus depending on the choice, factions can be changed later)

And much much more that is not worth writing about. For anyone willing, it is possible to see everything physically or provide more photos.

Together with the sale, he transfers all rights to the whole so the new owner is the only owner - there is no way that the package will be sold to several people! A lot of time and money was invested in the whole thing. The buyer gets the finished product for a piece of its price. I encourage you to contact me and to buy.


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