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RL MAP [USA][7.4] - Miracle 7.4 - A New Nostalgic Experience

Miracle 7.4 - Official Release Announcement

We are very excited to announce the official launch date for Miracle 7.4!
It took long months of development to get here, but we are very happy with what we are building.

The official opening will be on May 28th at 18:00 GMT -3 (Brazilian Time)

Miracle 7.4 is a hardcore slow pace server, where every achievement and second invested is valuable. With stronger Anti-Cheat system and Cam System, bots and mcs will not have a place on the server. Our project has been discussed here at otland already for some time, and since then we have received a lot of feedback from you and we want to thank you very much for that. As time went by, we improved a lot things on store, gameplay, among others, to make the server fairer and more competitive.

Server Information
• 7.4 Realmap Server (cam files+leaked original cip)
• Experience: 1x
• Skills: 1x
• Magic: 1x
• Loot: 1x
• Attrs Rarity: 1x
• Regen: 1x

Unique Features
• Cast & Cam System
• Map Save Protection
• New Walking System
• Attribution System: items could drop or enchanted with attributes
• Bestiary/Charms
• HD Graphics
• Hunt Analyzers and much more improvements on client

Gameplay Features
• Classic 7.4 Gameplay Mechanics
• Classic Spawns
• Accurated 7.4 formulas
• No auto-reconnects.
• No loot messages.
• Spells need to be learned.
• No protection zones on boats.
• No level requeriments to learn spells and using items.
• No runes from NPC's.
• No item-hotkeys.
• No wands/rods.
• Runes are not stackable
• Only travel NPC's have queue's.
• Possible to make UH Traps
• Improved monsters IA.
• And much, much more.

Creature Behavior
• Spawns: before each monster had its own timer, now the monsters that are together in a home have a single home time counter, spawning one monster at a time.
• Monsters, in addition to having their standard attack ranges, also have "stimulus", which are triggered by certain actions such as: re-targeting, pathfinding recalculation, pathblocking, etc., causing a new roll in spells and possibly additional combos .
• Improved pathfinding of ranged monsters, they will always walk back behind their target.
• When the monster is idle or fleeing (without someone to fight), it will not cross the spawn border by itself (only if it has already been removed from its spawn). Therefore, monsters cannot just go away on their own, causing overspawn.

Most Important Fixes
• All formulas are revised and accurated to 7.4 vanilla.
• Improved creatures behavior, fixed all bugs regarding on it and their have combos with stimulus.
• Fixed sidestepping with delays.
• Moving items from inventory have delays while walking.
• Using Ex items have delay while walking (shooting runes, etc)
• Fixed pushing items from more than 1 sqm due to the new walking
• Fixed diagonal timing like 7.4 vanilla
• Traps now listen to creature's armor.
• All common bugs were fixed.

Changes regarding to more fairly and competitive
• Removed all p2win items from the store, including Dummy Scroll.
• Removed Port Hope, but keeping ankrahmun mountain hydra spawns.
• Removed all kinds of experience bonus that was providing by shared experience and cast systems.
• Only 1 house can be purchased per account.
• Only 2 characters per account will be able to sleep in beds.
• Free accounts can purchase houses and sleep, but only premium accounts will activate the regeneration of beds
• Free players can travel by boat but just to Carlin, Thais, Venore, Ab'dendriel.
• Mystic runes are removed from NPC Alexander and introduced on some quests rewards. For now the most common way to get attributes on items will be on creature's loot by rarity. In near future, we'll check the possibility to make mystic runes with craft system.

While doing that work, we also worry so much about the game's health. As we already have anothers systems that improve the gameplay such as item attribution, relics and charms, we have made some changes to maintain the slow pace and also improve the gameplay:

Remember the real Miracle purpose is a hardcore Long server, where your life will not be easy. But with our unique and balanced systems, you'll always have content to enjoy. We want to value the nostalgic experience, player interactions that we had before, and difficulty, where your time invested will be precious and the progression rewarding.

We would like to thank you all! Everyone are invited to our

Official Website: