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FUN [USA] [8.0] Evo2007 Hardcore Classic F2P Server [START 24 MAY 18:00:00 CEST]

!START 24 MAY 18:00:00 CEST!

Greetings fellow Tibians.

We would like to introduce you nostalgic 8.0 Open Tibia project inspired on classic, first Evolutions map. This server is developed in oldschool style and with hard rules - thats why we named it Evo2007. However, we have added some extra features and systems to make the gameplay more enjoyable. Travel back in time with us and experience the best content that old Tibia 8.0 has to offer.

Basic informations:

- Classic first Evolutions map recreated by our best mapmaker

- This is totally F2P project - that means you can get better only by playing the game. No IS as well.

- Multiclients are not allowed. You can login and play only on one character at the same time.

- Botting is allowed but we have implemented few ideas to discourage people from botting.

- Hard oldschool gameplay and strict rules: No blessings available and Amulet of Loss is very expensive.

- Premium is free for everyone.

We have added few extra systems and features that are not colliding with Tibia lore for example:
new Fishing System, new Arenas, Bosses and Raids.

Server info:
Exp: Stages
Skills: x10
Magic: x10
Loot: Custom
PVP: 100 lvl+
About the systems and features:
Fishing System - You can obtain really valuable consumable items from fishing areas.
Boss Room - Every 2 hours players can challenge Boss in Arena
Task System
Custom Raids
New Monsters and Spells
New Spawns and Quests