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End of Necronia World?


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May 3, 2008
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Shiva, the leader of Necronia World said yesterday on project's Discord server that development of NW is on hold until end of year, but possibly even permanently. This is a really sad news to hear, we can only hope that team will get some strength after the pause and get back to work!

Message from Discord:
This may come as a surprise to some of you here, but it's been half a year overdue and I think it's noticeable through our lack of updates. I've become extremely encumbered with difficult things and projects happening in my life, and I no longer think I can continue to develop Necronia in a reasonable capacity, so I will be leaving the project for an unforeseeable amount of time, until end of year surely, possibly even permanently. To put it poetically, I've spent so much time playing god in this world that I lost touch with certain parts of the real one, and I must get my life back together now, contribute harder to projects where my full presence and dedication is needed.

And while I am extremely sad that this is how it has to be, I know it's for the best. We've discussed this internally, and after agreeing to still give it a shot despite all that, it's very obvious that this is no achievable feat for most of the people in the team right now and that this track leads only to more difficulties and delays.

We've developed a giant and incredible world, a story that still remains to be told, and there is no doubt in me that at some point in time, all this material will come to fruition in one way or another. I still intend to continue my career in game development, and either through financial stability or opportunities with companies I work with, I will find a way to revive the tale when the time feels right. There's just a lot going on right now, and I am tired of feeling the pressure of Necronia like a dark cloud following me around, this project was never intended to be that, to me, nor anyone else.

We've made much happen and learned a ton of things working on it, which will surely reflect in the future work of all our team members. My only regret is that we were unable to reach the stage to let you enjoy the newest developments. I wish that were otherwise, and it really sucks.
This discord server will remain open for a bit more, and then I'll decide whether to close it or not, and what to do with it.

I am here to answer any questions, and would like to invite my teammates to promote their projects in case you want to hear or follow what they're doing. My primary focus for now will be on Frontiers of Fantasy ( ), and creating sprites and art, which I will most likely start streaming relatively soon once I feel comfortable jumping into that. I am also thinking about a Necronia stream just to have a walk through those fields again and show some of the new stuff we were doing, although that sounds unnecessary or mistimed, I think it could be a fun way to chill through a Sunday for anyone interested.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone here, for your interest, support, and all the time spent in the previous eras of Necronia. I hope it brought you as much joy being a part of it as much as it was for us developing it when we were at full force. And most of all, a huge thank you from the heart to all the current and previous developers for contributing their time and work into trying to make this vision come true.

And as this journey began, so should it end, with the wise words of Shadi - "The realm is collapsing... Go, and take good care of yourself. The whole world is in your hands."