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CUSTOM [France][Custom] Revolution OT V2 16th July 19CEST • 12 Dungeons • Over 60 Quests/150+ Spawns • no P2W! • Custom Vocs & Spells • New Content

On the 16th of July 2021! @ 19:00 CEST
I am so happy to finally say that Revolution OT V2 is finally coming!
Alot of improvements and bug fixes has been made since V1 and this is gonna be a whole new experience.

So what's new in V2?

No Reborn!
Dual Wielding only for Scouts.
New Vocation (Warrior/Beserker/Destroyer) Focuses on 2H, AoE and self buffs. (Rage Generation Voc)
New Quests & Spawns for Ascended characters.
Boosted Damage, Attack Speed & Cooldown Reduction can be rolled on Gear.
Tamer Vocation Removed.
Dungeons only offer 2 difficulties now, (Solo & Party/Raid)
Dungeons list is also now in order of difficulty from easiest on the top to hardest on the bottom.
Quest monster spawns experience has been decreased alot in order to prevent players from grinding only inside quests.
Experience & Skills rate has been lowered as there's no Reborn anymore.
No more stat sticks in arrow slot.
Task system reworked.
Ultimate Spell Quest.
Supply Stash ( Inside Depot you'll be able to put all stackable items into a Supply Stash)
Item Tooltips has been updated.
Snowball Event fixed.
New Shop Center.
Alot of items has been reworked.
No more resistances on majority of dungeon gear.
You cannot kill your own summon with AoE attacks anymore.
More unlockable Achievements.
Mount lures are now usable on mounts.
Unlockable Shaders for your outfit coming.
Global Buffs (Exp/Skill/Gold/Item)
Reworked Passives skills for each vocation.
Reworked Spells for each vocation.
More info regarding Passives & Spells.

And so much more.

Unique Instanced Dungeon system with working Queue System
Over 60 Quests/150+ Spawns
6 Vocations & 90% Custom Spells
Stats System
Unique Upgrade System with Many features
No equipment Limits!
Item Level System
Herbalism, Mining, Fishing, Alchemy & Crafting
Pet System
Custom Map
Unique Bosses
Unique Quests
World Chest System
Task System
Loot Channel
Lottery System
Custom Potion System
Events such as;
Monster Survival
Teambattle Event
Hunger Games
CTF & Trivia
Monster Arena
Ingame Casino
DPS Checker On Training Monks
Divination Card System (In progress)
& more.
No Pay to Win!



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