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RPG [Germany][8.6] Valtoria KarmiaMap - Start 2/4/21

Valtoria.pl / KarmiaMAP OTS

: Valtoria.pl
Port: 7171

Starting Date 2 April 2021
(Friday) (02.04.2021 18:00)

Client:Tibia 8.6
PVP Protection:Level 75. You will not be able to participate in PVP until you reach level 75, nor will you drop any items on death until level 100.
Map : Karmia Map and Custom
Exp stages:1- 50 level, x200
51 - 70 level, x150
71- 90 level, x100
91 - 120 level, x50
121 - 140 level, x30
141 - 150 level, x20
151 - 160 level, x10
161 - 190 level, x6
191 - 250 level, x5
251 - 300 level, x4
301 - 350 level, x3
351 - 400 level, x2
401 level, x1
Skill Rate:x35
Magic Level Rate:x7
Loot Rate:x3
Frags to get red skull:8

What is Valtoria.pl ?

The Valtoria.pl is a server for players who want to feel the RPG atmosphere, it is a server with a mid-low multiplier of experience and skills, as well as a very interesting and extensive map.

What does our server offer ?

1. It is very important that there is no sms shop, there is a shop, but points can only be earned by playing the game in the following way

a) You can earn points for the store for participating in the Events
b) In a lottery that takes place every 2 hours.
c) From missions to be discovered on the map and then completed.
d) For 'loyalty' to the server, i.e. for daily logging in, you receive a given number of points that can later be used in the store.

2. We are aware that not everyone knows the Karmi map so well, that's why we came up with the initiative to create NPC Newbie, it is an npc that can transfer us to the island of 'Newbie Castle' without any charges, there is a castle with several basic monsters which in In the initial phase of the game, they will allow a player unfamiliar with the map to keep up with the speed of gaining experience with a person more familiar with these places.

3. On our server, you will find a lot of various quests and missions to perform.

4. System of "tasks" that allows us to gain experience and gain additional profits at the same time:

  • experience points
  • new items
  • extra cash
  • points to the store
The task system is described in the library / task system tab

4. The system of automatic raids of monsters and bosses.
Raids take place daily at irregular hours, but Boss Raids are automatic and take place every day at scheduled times.

see library / raids for more information

5. Another system introduced on our server is Boss shared loot system, each player who has dealt damage to the monster has a chance to receive an interesting reward. On the other hand, the person with the highest damage has the right to open the body and collect the main equipment that the monster lost.

see library / boss reward system for more information

6. The next change that we have introduced is the "boost system", it consists in the fact that each day for a different monster we get 50% more experience points and the chance to get items is also increased by 50%. The monster that is currently being boosted is located in the Karmia Temple.

see library / boost system for more information

7. Still, that's not all, in order to restore the old atmosphere of the game, we decided to gently encourage players to make runes. Therefore, we have introduced 2 new runes:

adana nor max
Sorcerer: adori gran mort max

Both runes are about 15% better than those available in stores.

In addition, on our server, we have improved the action of the ultimate healing rune, so now the knight can heal this rune as it used to be. Nevertheless, all the potions are still available in the game.

8. Another element was taken from RL-Tibia. It is summoning monsters that accompany us in the game and help us gain experience and fight in wars. To summon companions, you must have a level of min. 150 and use the appropriate spells:

Sorcerer: mage supporter
Druid: druid supporter
Paladin: pally supporter
Knight: knight supporter

These are just a few important changes on our server, the rest should be discovered by yourself;)

Server non profit just play and have fun for free.
Best wars, best gameplay, best support ;)

We are looking for team support CM, Senior Tutor and Tutor

Starting Date 2 April 2021
(Friday) (02.04.2021 18:00)


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Feb 1, 2021
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A little update before the server starts !​

We have added 5 new quests that will make it easier to get your dream equipment.

1. Swamp Quest​

2. Azerus Quest​

3. Firewalker Boots Quest​

4. Elemental Quest​

5. Razzachai Quest​


More information about the quests can be found in the library / quest tab


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Feb 1, 2021
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Zombies are arround us ... !

Today we have introduced a new island on our server with new monsters, we were inspired by the popular TV series called "The Walking Dead".

On this island we will find a lot of respawns with new and already existing monsters of the undead genre. To bring you closer to our update, we are attaching some photos.



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Apr 2, 2021
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Polecam, gosc widac sie stara i chce się rozwijać :) grunt zęby coś robił bo coraz mniej takich otsow :( Karmia the best map!