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May 3, 2008
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Helpdesk Board is a special place for all users. Main idea is to give a help to other members of our community. If you need help, you have two options how to ask for it:
  • Support - dedicated for any problem you have with OpenTibia - you can't get something work right or you don't know how to do something.
  • Request - here you can ask for a specific resource that you need - map, script, code, plugin or whatever else you need.

Just remember to name properly your thread. If there is a problem with a script, write shortly what kind of server do you use, what script fails to execute. If you want something, describe it clearly what it should be. Examples (words in brackets are not needed, those are prefixes):
  • [Support] TFS 0.4 - lever script doesn't work
  • [Request] ZnoteACC - plugin for guildwar
  • [Support] RME 3.7 - can't load map
  • [Request] Tibia 10.98 - hydra spawn
One more thing, don't forget Search engine! We know that sometimes it takes ages to find something but making another topic on the same problem doesn't make it easier for next persons.
Not open for further replies.